Crelad website launch!

Make sure to check out Crelad Internationals brand new website! Crelad Int. is one of the leaders in custom oil and geothermal tools! Henry Curameng, the founder and CEO has just recently appointed Micah Nickens to President of Sales and marketing. Together, their vision is to build the highest quality custom oil and geothermal tools which will allow the field workers to save time and money in the process. “Our product designs come strait from the field. We listen to what is needed daily and continue to build for the future.” Says Nickens. “Henry Curameng is a visionary and continues to create these outstanding tools that help minimize time and money lost in the field.”
Crelad International has updated the site to help facilitate a user friendly atmosphere. Have a look at the latest in Crelad technology, and where we are taking custom oil and geothermal tools into the future.

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Geothermal Resource Council

GRC’s (Geothermal Resource Council) 34th Annual Meeting is due to take place from October 24-27th! All the big companies involved in geothermal and oil will have a chance to debut their newest technology. Including the re-introduction of Crelad International! Crelad Int. has the newest top of the line custom oil and geothermal tools to help facilitate the everyday needs on the job site. Make sure to check out the latest in survey technology. The Crelad Int. Micro-Caliper Survey will most likely be one of the main attractions in all the tools lines presented. Make sure to check it out at
Crelad Int. will also be debuting the latest in spinner flow meters, wireline lubricators, B.O.P.’s, and stuffing boxes. Stop by our booth and have a look for yourself. Crelad Int. custom oil and geothermal tools come with over 75 years of experience. These tools are designed with the best quality product and technology! Crelad International will save you time and money on and off the field!

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